Prompt and Professional Services In-On-Underwater

Whether you have a single mooring or you are a Property Manager or the “Harbor Master” for your homeowners or Condo. Association, give us a call. JB DIVE Services is fully insured, timely, and efficient.

  • Seasonal installation and system inspections or removals and site marking
  • Deliveries and rigging with a full supply of stainless steel or galvanized system options
  • Relocations
  • Field maintenance and repairs
  • Photo and video available

We also offer

  • Mooring deliveries and rigging
  • Mooring relocations
  • Mooring system inspections
  • Seasonal mooring buoy installations and removals
  • Swim raft and float deliveries
  • Seasonal raft installations and removals
  • Crank dock installations and removals
  • Water intake servicing
  • Municipal water department diving
  • Water line inspection
  • Residential line installation
  • Valve replacement
  • Pipe installation
  • Water intake cleaning
  • Safety barricade float installation
  • Boat lift relocation
  • Chain replacement
  • Light salvage
  • Association work
  • Swim area line installation
  • Mooring field maintenance
  • Water front maintenance